A Date for a Friend

One of the joys of dating is becoming familiar with a new circle of friends, and it is part of how a couple progresses in their relationship. They might find they have a lot in common with their partner’s friends, and it can help a person recognize they might have found that one special person for a long term relationship. Everything might go well until their partner asks them to find a date for a friend, and it can sidetrack the relationship if things go badly.

Knowing that a double date is nothing more than an opportunity to be matched up with someone who might not be able to get a date on their own is distressing, and people in this situation might have preconceptions. They think the person is unattractive, or they might be rude. It does not matter what their flaw could be because they are automatically discounted, and this is where the troubles can begin.

Meeting each other for the first time on a double date is a recipe for trouble, and both parties can find it awkward. The choice of where to go is generally the privilege of the couple who are getting two of their friends together, and it might be unsuitable for the other two people. They could bond over being expected to enjoy the venue chosen, or they could be at odds over the choice a friend has made.

Fixing up two people is never easy to sell, but this scenario could turn into a breaking point within a friendship. If the date turns out to be as bad as forecast, a friend might back away from any future favors. It could turn out to be a fun time for all four people, and it might be possible for the two being matched to begin their own relationship.