Marriage and Friends

A great many circles of friends begin in early childhood, and they continue unless someone moves away once they have all left school. Once the first couple find each other and marry, they seem bent on helping their friends find the same bliss. Inviting a group of their friends over for an evening could include finding a date for the most determined to remain single person they know, or they could arrange dinner out and bring a date along.

It is not unusual for friends to try fixing up others, but the determination shown by some couples can be extraordinary. They use every event and social occasion to introduce their single friends to new singles, and they appear to take pride in making matches. Their goal is to see everyone as happily settled as they are, and stopping is not an option they ever really consider. Once they begin having children, their friends might become very concerned.

Happiness is something many people feel they should spread around, and finding a special someone for each of their friends could be the only goal the couple has in mind. Their dating days might be over, but it does not mean they have forgotten what it is like to be lonely. They want to stop their friends from feeling that way, but they might have forgotten that those same friends are perfectly happy with their current lifestyle. While they might be accused occasionally of interfering, it is exactly what they are trying to do.

Their friends might begin finding excuses not to show up at planned parties or events, and the couple should begin to accept that their matching efforts are not what their friends seek. Finding their own romantic partner for a lifetime is something they would rather do on their own, and the constant pressure could break their friendship circle.