Try to Remain Positive

When a friend asks for a favour, most people are more than willing to help them. They know their friend would be there for them, so reciprocating is part of their relationship. When it comes to going on a double date because their friend’s partner needs a favour, which is when things can get tricky for everyone concerned. Many friends are very negative about going on blind dates of this nature, so remaining positive about the possibilities can be a good way to keep the friendship intact.

Friends are often eager to introduce someone they are dating to their own circle, so the person being asked to go on the blind date should already know their friend’s significant other. It means that the only person they will not know is the one they have been asked to date, so the situation could be less awkward than most blind dates. If they look forward to it as a positive experience, everyone could have a good time.

There are many different arrangements when it comes to setting out on the date, but the place where everyone meets should be somewhere the person being asked to go out is comfortable. This gives them an opportunity to relax when meeting the newest person in the mix, and it can be part of what makes the adventure a success. If all parties do the work to keep everything on a positive level, making sure the second couple on the date has a good time will keep everyone from believing the date was a failure.

It can be difficult for a person to agree to help their friend out in this type of situation, and no friend should use it on a regular basis. They can help make it a positive experience for everyone involved if they are willing to go the extra distance to make their own friend feel comfortable when starting out the evening.